Even experienced dog owners come across unruly pups that might need a little extra help learning basic manners. If your dog falls into this category or exhibits unwanted behaviors talk to your pet’s veterinarian first to rule out any medical problems, then once it is decided it is a behavior/training issue give us a call.

We can assist you in enjoying your pet even more with personalized behavior evaluations and spot training for specific behaviors, using positive reinforcement training methods that trick your pet into thinking that learning is fun! With treats and other rewards used during training, we can help transform your dog into the dog your pet has the potential to be!

Sirius Fun Doggy Daycare proudly offers puppy and adult training classes.  We are lucky to have trainers on the team that provide positive reinforcement training for you and your pooch. For more information and dates of classes please call 970-330-5150.

Puppy class – $135.00 for a 6 week class

Adult classes – $135.00 for a 6 week class

Private training class – 200 for 4 weeks or $60/hour